Saturday, November 29, 2008

Economic Stimulus via Elections

I keep hearing from our friends on the Left in Canada that the federal government needs to inject a lot more money into the economy. I don't happen to agree with this premise but assuming I did, what would be a good, quick way to do so? I know, hold an election! Every federal election costs a reported $300 Million. This money isn't "wasted", in that it's spent on supplies and people's time and renting space, etc. It is very clearly injected right back into the economy.

So on December 8th, when the government is voted down and the Cabal of Trois tells Governer General Michaëlle Jean that the reason they did so was an insufficient stimulus package, she should immediately say, "Okay, you want a stimulus package, I'll give you one. We're going to have another election!"

Then let the people of Canada decide what they think of the Liberals & NDP & Bloc Quebecois refusing to work with a government elected less than 2 months ago!

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