Monday, November 24, 2008

Freedom in America: From an Immigrant

I just received another stellar comment on the Dr. Anne Wortham video. Here is the comment in full:

I am a latin woman who left her communist/totalitarian country when I was a girl and went to live in another country. In that country I lived with all the restrictions that a foreigner confronts when you are a legal resident. Even to work I had to ask for permission and was restricted to work in certain companies only.

That country is Mexico.

Now this (USA) is a unique country, I always looked up to this country because I knew that here you could succeed if you wanted to. Believe me! it was a wonderful change, from night and day, when I moved here.

I am an american citizen and love this country, it is hard to see how people don't understand that if the government controls your life "there is no freedom". I saw this in Mexico, the media could not criticize the government or there would be repercussions, and believe me, there were!

Freedom is what allows you to be successful, there are no limits to your aspirations, it's up to you to get where you want to get. Oh! but when the government interferes in your life, there is no motivation to do anything, what for? There is no reward coming your way, you almost work for the government, since they will take a big chunk of your efforts to throw them away in any of their unuseful/wasteful programs.

Those who think that socialism is a good idea, I tell you, it's not!!! Once they start, they never end...I wonder why there are so many that are so self-defeated and so many that are naive???
The beautiful thing about life is to do your own thing and get rewarded for it. When you feel accomplished you are more giving, happier and inspired to do more. A system that restricts your freedoms and obstructs your success has a terrible and negative effect in the economy of a country and on the lives of its individuals.

Have you ever seen americans trying to flee this country in search of a better life? NO!!! But you see the rest of the world trying to come here in search of the "American Dream"...why so many want to take this away???

I urge you to think about it!!!



Krish Dhanam said...

I agree with you whole heartedly. I made the move here over 22 years ago and have since traveled to over fifty countries. I have yet to see a consulate or an embassy of the US in a foreign country that has no line in front of it.

Krish Dhanam

nachtwache said...

The left is clueless, they've had it too good in a free society, probably feel guilty because they're selfish, but not honorable enough to admit their faults, so they blame the government and others that think different. They also seem to have the delusion that they're smarter and know what's good for everyone else. I wonder if there's a psychiatric term for that. Narcissistic psychopath ?
They seem to be deaf to common sense and obvious facts such as Diana points out.