Saturday, June 14, 2008

Pacific Northwest Trip: Day 5

Our time in Portland was over. But before heading out, we needed some food for the road. And where better to get it than from my favourite, Otto's Sausage Kitchen!
Have you ever seen better looking hot dogs than these? They tasted even better!

Reaching the Oregon Coast, we found the weather to be miserable and cold. So we quickly headed north toward Washington State. To get there we had to cross the 4.1 mile long Astoria-Megler Bridge.

Our final destination was the Ocean Crest Resort, a motel just south of Moclips, Washington. I had driven Hwy 101 before, all the way from Port Angeles to San Francisco, but had never ventured out to this part of the coast of Washington.

The accommodations are very simple, clean, & comfortable. But they have a first class restaurant that offers gourmet food comparable to the finest establishments in any big city.

If you happen to know what this raccoon is doing, please fill the rest of us in!

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