Friday, June 06, 2008

Mark Steyn Interviewed x 2

Here's a clip of Mark Steyn interviewed on BNN (tune to 35:00). He offers up his old joke about "China looking to become the first Gay Superpower since Sparta". With the large Chinese-Canadian population in Vancouver, I wonder if we'll be seeing Mark back here next year, defending a new Human Rights violation?! :-)

And here's a longer interview outside the Robson Square courthouse:


Charles Henry said...

What a terrific video, PelaLusa.

Thanks a lot for taking it, and for posting it.

It was fascinating to watch Mark take these reporters to school like that.

Were you able to make any observations of the reactions of the media as they listened to Steyn? Did it look like they were persuaded at all by what he was saying?

(I'm supposing that it was probably the first time for them to actually get to hear Mark Steyn in person...)

PelaLusa said...


Sadly, the video was not mine. Though I did capture a much shorter one. As for reporters, there are competent/incompetent, smart/dumb people in every profession.

You also live in Canada so you know the reputation of those who work for the CBC. I trust you've read this account. Doesn't surprise me a bit.

As I wrote earlier, I met Mark Steyn in person on Thursday. It was a great honour for me. I wanted to ask if I could take his photo but thought it inappropriate so I didn't. But Mark's whole demeanor with me flies in the face of what Dan Gardner portrayed in today's Ottawa Citizen. I deeply believe that Mark sincerely sees the danger to the free speech of all us and has spent countless hours and lots of money to fight this ludicrous tribunal.

Incidentally, another person who had a cutting indictment of the 3 Commissars running the show was Tarek Fatah here. The audio is poor but if you listen carefully, you'll hear some great wisdom. I'm so impressed with him and am going to buy his book this weekend!