Thursday, June 05, 2008

A Visit to Ground Zero of the Kangaroo Court

What an afternoon! I made it down to the infamous Courtroom #105 at 800 Hornby Street.

Everyone was streaming out as I arrived. I spotted Andrew Coyne and went up and shook his hand, thanking him as one of tens of thousands of people around the world who are paying close attention to his excellent real-time blogging.

I also spotted the 3 fondly named "socket puppets". One of them, Khurrum Awan, now referred to by Ezra Levant as the "Serial Liar", was a whole lot shorter than he appears on TV. Simply an observation.

Just outside the court complex I saw Macleans' lawyer, Julian Porter, being interviewed by 3 reporters.

In this video he explains why he has refused to call any witnesses. Apologies for the poor sound quality.

About half an hour later I spotted none other than Mark Steyn heading into the local Starbucks across the street from the courthouse. I walked over and introduced myself. Mark was very engaging and we had a great chat for about 5 minutes. But I must say that energy-wise he seemed somewhat deflated. And no wonder. Imagine having to spend endless hours of your time, at your own cost, to defend your right to free speech. It's insane! Is this Canada in 2008 or some dictatorship 70 years ago?

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Huntress said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog, for your kind words, and for link you provided.

You've got some great coverage on the assault on free speech going on in BC ....what a travesty!!!

How cool that you met Mark!!I m sure you wish it was under different circumstances.

What scares me is that even though Awan has been proven to be a liar,and even though I sent a slightly edited copy of my psot to the BCHRC along with a link - the Kangaroo Court is still indulging this ludicrous lawsuit, free speech is Canada is becoming increasingly limited at at times downright censored, and I fear the BCHRC will ultimately rule in favor of the whining, lying, plaintiffs - its part of the appeasement attitude becoming more prevalent in Canadian courts presided over by liberal left wing judges.

This is a sad moment in Canada's history!! I can only hope it doesn't get sadder when a verdict is rendered!!

I'll buy you a coffee next time
I'm in Vancouver.