Saturday, June 07, 2008

Exploring Vancouver's New Seawall Areas

After a long but exhilarating week, I very much needed to get out on my bike and get some good exercise in. I had heard that some new segments of the False Creek Seawall had recently opened up and decided to explore them first hand.

Lo and behold, they've opened up a lot of key segments that have been closed due to construction. It's now possible to ride along or near the water, all the way from the Kitsilano Pool, past Granville Island, all the way to Science World, and then all the way over to Stanley Park. To whomever is responsible, let me offer a hearty, "Job Well Done"!

The blue line represents the previous near water access one could walk or bicycle or rollerblade on. The green segments represent the newly opened ones.

Here are new photos of the delightful Canada Geese kids. I tried finding the correct name but could not. I did however learn that in French they're called "Bernache du Canada" and in Spanish they go by the name "Ganso canadiense".

And here are 2 turtles nearby. Notice that in both photos, the heads of this pair are looking in exactly the same direction. The photos were taken just a few seconds apart so it's not like the sun moved that much. Fascinating creatures!

This gigantic pair of "deck chairs" sits on the new long section at the southeast corner of False Creek. The people lounging in them seemed to be enjoying themselves!

In the background are some of the new towers in the eastern part of Yaletown.

This is a little man-made island that is still under construction. I don't know if anyone will ever be allowed on it. Something tells me not.

These are a few of the new buildings going up in the southeast False Creek area. They're called Millennium Water.
And finally, on the north side of False Creek, there's one new section of the seawall. All along were these incredible wild flowers.

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