Thursday, June 12, 2008

Exploring Downtown Portland

Portland is a wonderful mixture of the old & new. So much of their history has been preserved that it provides a real treat for locals & tourists alike. Make no mistake that Portland is a thoroughly modern city but they haven't forgotten about their past.

We went through the famous Powell's Book Store, reported to be the largest independent bookseller in the world.
On SW Alder Street, at SW 10th Avenue we happened upon this amazing hot dog vendor. Operated by Jameson Wittkopp and his father, you will get one of the most delicious hot dogs you've ever had! Danny and I opted for just a single but a hungrier eater can order a "double", consisting of a long bun and 2 sausages!

Turns out that this was but one of several vendors along SW Alder Street. It's a lively area with delicious food abound. I wish we had something like this back home!

You can spot several people like this woman all around downtown. They're the ones to talk with for definitive information on Portland and its environs.

Here's Mrs. Tourism Vancouver posing with Ms. Tourism Portland.

This is Portland's Pioneer Courthouse Square, considered by many to be the center of downtown. On this day it was hosting a huge collection of plants and flowers.

Picking us up from downtown was this replica of a London Taxi. A neat touch!

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pdxmilf said...

Very nice writeup you did about Altengartz Bratwurst. I only wish to emphasize to your readers that bratwurst is a wonderful German sausage, not to be confused with their Viennese and Frankfurt cousins, the weiner and frankfurter.
I'm glad you enjoyed your visit to Portland and thank your for sharing with others!