Friday, June 06, 2008

A Bridge to Justice Too Far

Looking back at this past week, what I'm most struck by is the absolute disinterest of the Star Chamber "judges" to seek justice. Remember that outdated term: Justice - "A fair decision reached by an impartial judicial body, based on weighing the facts and seeking the truth."

Instead, the phrases that keep going through my head over & over are "Truth is No Defense" and "Facts are No Defense". Are we still in Canada? Apparently Room #105 at 800 Hornby Street in Vancouver is foreign territory, much like a foreign embassy in any of our larger cities. It's as if we subcontracted out a portion of our justice system and have it being run by assorted dictatorships: North Korea in B.C., Zimbabwe in Alberta, etc.

I'm also struck by how much damage Khurrum Awam has done to all Canadian Muslims this past week. He clearly has a great challenge sticking to the truth. He also has a propensity to immediately call anyone who disagrees with him a racist. This reinforces every fear that non-Muslim Canadians have of Muslims in their midst. Brilliant, thoughtful Muslims like Tarek Fatah have been relegated to the bench this past week and that is a tragedy for all of us.

I'm blessed to have several close, great friends, who also happen to be Muslim. All are intelligent & kind, and in the case of the women, beautiful people. In the weeks and months ahead, I hope to hear more voices like theirs, all of whom believe in Free Speech as strongly as you & me.

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