Thursday, June 05, 2008

Day 4 of BC's Kangaroo Court

I'm heading downtown soon and will stop in at the infamous Room #105 to see if I can get in. For now though, let me share with you a number of new articles pertaining to this fiasco:

And of course, Andrew Coyne's realtime blog.

Mark Steyn will be on a number of radio shows today, including Hugh Hewitt's America-wide program at 3:00pm PDT and Jon McComb's Vancouver program at 3:30pm PDT. If you think that a growing number of people aren't paying attention, you'd be wrong. If you think that was is going on here is just fine then you really do need to get some anti-delusional medication.

The last 2 sentences of Steyn's aforementioned article are very prescient for the delusional set:

"I'll be the first No. 1 bestselling author and National Magazine Award-nominated columnist to be deemed unpublishable in Canada. But I wont' be the last."

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