Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Now a Plaintiff Doesn't Even Need to Appear!

Things have gone from bad to worse on the Absolutely Ridiculous front in the Twilight Zone otherwise known as the BC Human Rights Tribunal. Here are the last two entries from Andrew Coyne's blog from the hearing today:

3:26 PM We’re back from a break, and Faisal Joseph is announcing … they aren’t going to call any more witnesses! They’re not going to call their third and last expert witness, as it would merely repeat previous evidence, he sayd and they’re not going to call Meihir al Habib (I’ll check the spelling later), one of the complainants!

Julian Porter is furious. Then I’m calling al Habib! This is contemptuous of the process, he says, and disgraceful. He should be here to answer having laid the complaint. I was told I’d get a chance to cross-examine him. “I cannot believe” - he’s practically growling - “that they would have the audacity not to expose either one (meaning Elmasry, the other complainant) to cross-examination!”

Joseph: Talk about audacity. Steyn’s here, and he’s not testifying. I’m upset that I don’t get a crack at him.

Steyn snorts in laughter. (Possible reason: He was supposed to be in a radio debate with Joseph some time ago, but Joseph never showed.) Joseph expresses displeasure at this.

Porter (to the tribunal, quietly): “Do you have any idea how bad this looks?” He asks for five minutes to prepare, and then, I presume, he’s going to call Habib as a hostile witness. Stay tuned!

4:04 PM We’re going to adjourn for the day! We don’t even know whether we’re calling any more witnesses. If so, we’re back at 10 tomorrow. Otherwise, we hear final arguments on Friday.

Talk about a cliffhanger! Will Porter get to call Habib? Will Joseph cross-examine? Tune in tomorrow… same kangaroo-time, same kangaroo-channel…

Wait! Porter in on his feet: “If Habib and Elmasry are afraid to testify i don’t want them as my witnesses. They’re a pair of scaredy-pants, and…” I swear to God that’s what he said. The proceedings dissolve in even more confusion than usual…

Did you catch that? Neither complainant in this "case" is actually bothering to testify! That's the most outrageous thing I've ever heard, but just par-for-the-course for this Kangaroo Court. Once again, I encourage everyone to write BC's Attorney General, Wally Oppal, especially if you live in B.C. because your taxes are paying for all this!!!


Colonel Neville. said...

Dear pelalusa:

Picture a man, let's call him Mark Steyn, who suddenly finds himself in a strange and unrecognisable neo-socialist, PC leftard and virtual Kafakaesque world of drivel, where none of the normal laws of the rational and free world apply. You've entered the post-Trudeaupia Zone.

Colonel Neville.

PelaLusa said...

Absolutely brilliant! I heard Rod Serling's voice reading your words!