Monday, June 09, 2008

The Twisted Logic of Khurrum Awan and His Colleagues

By "colleagues", I don't actually mean Muslims. Rather, I mean his fellow social activists like Barbara Hall, Heather MacNaughton, Lori Andreachuk, John Miller, Petti Fong, and everyone at the CBC except for Rex Murphy and Don Cherry (well, perhaps a few others too!)

On Saturday Mr. Awan, in his usual double-speak, said some pretty frightening things at a conference in Toronto. I've only read the highlights and haven't seen any actual video yet. Perhaps he'll soon become the Canadian equivalent of Jeremiah Wright?!

I've put together a video of what Mr. Awan said and my thoughts about the dramatic harm this young man is doing both to Canada in general and the Muslim community in particular. Some have suggested that this is very much his intention. I do not know. You can also read the thoughts of Awan's tirade from Marni Soupcoff here and Colby Cosh here.

This will be my last posting about anything serious for a week or so. In its place, you will get to see some great photos (I hope) of the U.S. Pacific Northwest. Wishing you a great week too!

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Mike Baughman said...

Great post and video -- well said.

We should be just as concerned south of the border. Many in the USA look approvingly on the Canadian "human rights" apparatus and seek to emulate it; many more are blithely unaware of the whole thing.