Thursday, June 26, 2008

Protected Lesbians and Censored Comedians in B.C.

Fresh off the heels of the Mark Steyn & Maclean's free speech travesty, comes a new story from Canuckistan's [Ultra] Left Coast. We now learn that Lorna Pardy, the woman in the middle here

has gained the right to assault & provoke another person and yet if that person defends themselves verbally or physically then Ms. Pardy has the full support of the government to persecute this person.

Don't believe me? Then watch this:

How far into the Twilight Zone has British Columbia traveled?!?

Here's the BC "Human Rights" document covering this case. The first sentence of Section 15 glares out like a beacon. It reads, "In this case, Ms. Pardy is a member of two protected groups, because of her sex and her sexual orientation."

Isn't it ironic that around the same time that Nelson Mandela is turning 90 and is being celebrated the world over that a New Apartheid has cast it's ugly shadow over British Columbia and Canada. Doesn't that just make you extra proud to be a Canadian this July 1st?! Do you sense a large earthquake coming?

Update: I learned this afternoon that The Vancouver Province gave this story front page coverage and the Vancouver Sun fairly prominent coverage. Perhaps this is their way of making up for their lame coverage of the Mark Steyn / Maclean's fiasco. Or maybe they realize just how scary things have become in this province.

Premier Gordon Campbell will be appearing on Bill Good's show on CKNW tomorrow morning at 8:30am. Please do give him a call (604.280.9898) and ask him why he is not doing a damn thing to stop this atrocity.


Rob said...

I had no idea that in Canada being a woman and being gay meant you had more "human" rights then another human.

So what if your Muslim and gay? Would that be higher ranked than female and gay?

Or what about black,female and gay?

Would that person have more rights?

Makes me sick.

Anonymous said...

I guess if you are a disabled, native, lesbian woman with an interest in the Koran (is that 5 protected groups?), then you can pretty much do anything to anyone with impunity...

but if you're a white, able-bodied, straight, Christian male, then you'd better keep your mouth shut and your head down.


nachtwache said...

We definitely don't have equality in Canada. There are special rights for different groups to the detriment of others. It's about time for the government to step in and shut down these biased kangaroo courts.
There are a lot of whiners out there! They can dish it out, but can't take it.