Saturday, June 07, 2008

The Positive Power of the Internet

I just read Rob Breakenridge's new piece on last week's "trial" and sent him this note:

Rob, stepping back a minute, I'm struck by what an amazing tool for freedom and free speech the Internet has become for all of us. Your article is a brilliant one, pulling together quotations that, even just 10 years ago, would have been very difficult to find, especially in a timely fashion.

While the Internet does serve as a breeding ground for the lunatic fringe, it also provides a space for the likes of you & me to express our opinions and hopefully start a dialogue with those open minded enough to have one.

Living in Vancouver, this past week was a troubling one for me, but I'm now starting to feel a renewed optimism about my country and the people in it. A positive future, more akin to Tarek Fatah's vision, seems more & more likely. Though the big lesson for me from this past week is that us "sheepdogs" must always be vigilant to ensure that the positive future remains that way!

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