Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Hypocrisy of the Politically Correct

The Toronto Star is Canada's version of the New York Times. It has a similar left-of-centre stance, but requires a much lower reading level. Today, staff writer Haroon Siddiqui spins a web of double-speak about why it's perfectly okay to control free speech in Canada.

To his newspaper I sent this letter:

Mr. Siddiqui:

First they came for Maclean's. Next they will come for the Toronto Star. Then they will come for you.

When that day arrives and your voice is permanently silenced, I will be holding up two pieces of paper. One will be a copy of your article. The other will be a sign with these 4 words on it: "I told you so!"

By that time I will be living in another country, not the Canada of my birth that you and your politically correct ilk have helped destroy.

Robert Werner
Vancouver, BC

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