Wednesday, June 04, 2008

CKNW Discusses the Kangaroo Court Case

The dearth of coverage of this case in the Canadian media is an absolute embarrassment. It's a clear indication of how so many in the media are towing the government line of political correctness. At the top of this list of Shame is the Globe & Mail.

But kudos must go to Jon McComb at CKNW who has dedicated the first half of his show today to this court case. You can listen to the first hour here and the second hour here. And beautifully, you can skip through the commercials too! In the first hour the discussion begins at 8:04 and in the second hour it begins at 16:47. Furthermore, in the second hour Ezra Levant is interviewed beginning around 36:30.

I called in, as did many others. There were only two people in support of this Kangaroo Court. One trying to argue that if Ernst Zuendel could be convicted by such a commission then so should Maclean's (and Steyn). My response to this would have been, "Zuendel, as offensive as he is, shouldn't have been brought in front of an HRC and neither should anyone else. But he could and should be brought in front of a criminal court."

Later, an older gentleman, called in, claiming his father was Jewish and had to leave Germany in 1934. Through some very twisted logic, he said that if the BCHRC existed in Nazi Germany then Hitler would have been stopped. McComb, shot back at him with extreme brilliance, disagreeing vehemently. The only thing I would have added is that Nazi Germany is proof positive of why all HRCs in this country should be stopped dead in their tracks.

Finally, Mark Steyn will be appearing on Calgary Radio Station CHQR at 6:00pm PDT (7:00pm MDT) tonight. You can listen in here.

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USpace said...

Good points. Thank God our rights are much stronger in America. We all must help Canadian bloggers get this out to the world. Bludgeon the HRC through the blogosphere, continue to mock and expose their lawbreaking. We must keep educating people about this stuff so we stay far away from that PC craziness.

This whole Steyn, Levant and the Canadian bloggers V Mark Warman thing may end up being the first death knell, the beginning of the end of the HRC's lawless actions.

Canada's Supreme Court and Parliament will eventually be getting involved I imagine. I certainly hope so.

Let real Lawyers battle it out in argument. Of course the Left doesn't want this. They know they have the weaker case.

I can't wait to see a tape of Steyn in front of the commission. The one with Ezra Levant was a real hoot. Ezra skewered them. I hope Mark will too.

Mark Steyn is totally excellent, someone MUST give him his own show!
We should all go hear him speak if we ever get the chance.
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