Sunday, June 29, 2008

Not All Teenagers Are Lazy & Selfish

Too often these days it seems we all encounter or read about teenagers who are lazy, selfish, or worse. They live their lives with complete disrespect for everyone and everything else. In Vancouver this often takes the form of well to do Asian, South Asian, and White kids who purport to live their lives like Faux Inner City Black Gangstas.

Well, I'm very happy to report that there are exceptions to the rule. Staying with me this summer is an 18 year old Mexican teenager named Danny. I've known him since he was seven but I've never been so proud of him as I have this past weekend. So much happened but here are the highlights:

  • We hauled 17 monitors out of storage, including some old 19" ones that were 55 lbs!
  • Picked up 19 computers from one of our Vancouver techs, Bruce.
  • Delivered 12 computers in Vancouver, Burnaby, and Richmond, to very happy recipients.
  • Moved a large dining table and chairs from my uncle's place in Ladner.
And through it all Danny didn't complain once, didn't avoid work once, and didn't once ask when we'd be done. What a fine young fellow!

Sidebar: The most amusing part of his time here is the way 95% of people react when I tell them that he's from Mexico. The reaction is consistently the same: A curious stare, followed by an expression of disbelief, and then either asking me if I'm joking or asserting that "he doesn't look like any Mexican person I've ever seen".

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