Thursday, June 05, 2008

Khurrum Awan: Was he lying in court or on the radio?

Khurrum Awan is one "interesting" guy. He appears to have a very flexible idea about the word "truth" and changes his statements depending on the audience he's talking to. Here's an example:

From the June 3rd 2:00pm entry on Andrew Coyne's realtime blog:

"Now Porter returns to the attack. “When did you first publicly admit that you asked for money for a donation” at the Maclean’s meeting? (The money, to be clear, was not to go to the students, but to a race relations foundation for the promotion of religious tolerance.) When was it? Porter supplies the answer: At a press conference on April 30 of this year, when Joe Brean of the National Post asked him about it. At that time, the group’s lawyer, Joseph, said it was only “a nominal” amount.

Awan now says they were considering asking for $10,000, but never got around to naming a figure. He doesn’t think this could be characterized as a “substantial” sum, given the magazine’s resources. He doesn’t know Maclean’s."

Now listen to Awan on Jon McComb's show on CKNW. Move the slider to this time: 9:15 In it we "learn" from Awan that he "speaks for tens of thousands of Muslims in B.C.", that Jon McComb is a racist, and that he and his colleagues never requested any money from Maclean's.

Beautiful! Regarding the money, he must have been lying at one of these two venues. Which was it?

I'd now like to draw your attention to this York University newspaper article about Awan entitled "Learning about law to change Canada". Considering his track record, that title alone is chilling. Here's a quote from him in the article:

"The way to overcome these stereotypes and problems is to let your work speak for itself. I also want to do good work for all Canadians and simply be a good and ethical lawyer who rises to the top with honesty and professionalism. If you work hard enough, you can overcome any obstacle. I also think it’s important to actively engage in broader issues that concern the Canadian society as a whole." (the emphasis is mine)

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Rob said...

With his recent threats to both the Canadian press and public - Things that make you go hmmmm