Saturday, June 21, 2008

Support Free Speech? Then you're an Intolerant Bigot

The annual Canadian "human rights" conference was recently held at Niagara-on-the-Lake. During this event, "human rights" lawyer Pearl Eliadis stated the following:

“There’s a narrow band of intolerant bigots out there who are jumping on to this bandwagon and are using this debate to propagate particularly hateful views. “What the free speech absolutists are saying is that, once you take that core element of speech and transport it into mass media, suddenly it becomes immune. I don’t understand why speech should be immune from discrimination law.The media should not enjoy more rights or immunity than anyone else.”

Do you support free speech? Then you're one of the intolerant bigots that Ms. Eliadis froths at the mouth about. Or if you're not, then she and her comrades reserve the right to serve as investigator, judge, and jury about whether or not you are.

Funny, I don't ever remember there being an election where a majority of Canadians voted in Pearl Eliadis as Dictator Suprema. Could someone check her meds?

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WL Mackenzie Redux said...

Again" we see from this "Pear: of soviet wisdom the idea that we are

A) "Absolutist"

B) Dissenting is "hating"

This is a typical commie misdirect of the issue at hand...which is that there should be NO STATE INTERVENTION on the right to freely dissent...politically, theologically and ideologically...and to be as rude as we bloody well want to be about it.

It is free expression that is under attack...the state sanctioned repression to speak dissentingly of political, theological or ideological issues is what they are calling "hate speech".

It is no secret Mark Steyn dislikes radical political Islamism...and he exercises his right to freely dissent to the phony collectivist idea that all ideologies are equal by pointing out the negative record and failings of radical Islamism in Europe.

His book is a political statement. It is a dissenting view to the status quo collectivist-utopian ideal of making unequal things equal...but it is NOT hate and it is his right to express his political and ideological dissent to Radical Islamism without fear of state least that's the way free liberal democracies deal with it.

So we see that the people who call this "hate speech" are in fact political censors who only wish one (Their) political opinion to be official...dissenting opinion is "hate speech" ...and if that isn't obvious soviet styled political intolerance then Stalin was a white hat cowboy.