Monday, June 02, 2008

An Open Letter to the Attorney General of British Columbia

Dear Mr. Oppal,

I do hope you are closely following the proceedings at the BC Human Rights Tribunal this week in Vancouver. At first glance it appears to just be a case against Maclean's magazine and the author, Mark Steyn. But in truth, it runs much deeper than that. Three employees of yours are carrying on with the farce that they actually have the right to decide what people can write, can say, and ultimately can think.

I have closely been following the real-time reporting coming out of the pseudo-courtroom. It has become blatantly apparent to any reasonable person that the trio running the tribunal are way out of their depth and appear to be arbitrarily making up the rules on-the-fly. This alone should trouble you deeply. But you should also be aware that the proceedings of this case are being closely followed by countless people from all around the world. Our province and the judicial system within are quickly becoming the laughing stock of the international community. This will eventually bring into disrepute the entire B.C. judiciary.

I therefore respectfully suggest to you, sir, that it is long overdue for you or a designate to firmly tap Heather MacNaughton on the shoulder and tell her that her time playing judge is over. She's not fooling anyone any longer.


Robert Werner
Vancouver, BC

Update: I strongly encourage EVERYONE to send their own thoughts to Mr. Oppal. He's a good man and means well. You can write him here. If you live in B.C. then talk about how you feel about such a Kangaroo Court operating in your province. If you live elsewhere, then talk about your perception of BC's Justice System.

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