Monday, December 08, 2008

The Radical Elites of Toronto

Jonathan Kay offers up an hilarious column exposing U of T elites as the absolute phony, undemocratic thugs that they truly are. Here's one side-splitting snippet:

White, middle-aged, dour, earnest liberal academics are quite outraged that Canadians may still wish to be governed by the government they voted for and will stop at nothing to use their influence to install the coalition of the rejected and bring down the Harper government.

Here is the group photo of elites involved in the recent debate that Kay describes. They may all seem like innocent bureaucrats but each & every one of them is fully prepared to throw away your democracy & mine faster than you can say "Prime Minister Stephane Dion"!

After reading Kay's piece, one cannot help but reflect upon Charles Adler's recent editorial about those "tenured professors". They're one & the same!

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