Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Record Breaking Day

Never before do I recall receiving so many visitors in so short a period of time. Within 4 hours after I posted the breaking news story about the Whistler gondola, I had over 2,100 visitors!

I've long been curious about what sorts of things drive traffic on the Internet. Clearly I just found one!


shippedout said...

It's great to see your traffic go up Robert. I now make your site a daily stop.

When you put up your post "The Spider Web of Power Corporation". It coincided with a post by Jack at "Jacks NewsWatch" about Paul Palango's New book "Dispersing the Fog" which delves into the influence Power Corp has had on our political and policing systems in Canada particularly the RCMP.

I encouraged those over at "Jacks NewsWatch" to stop by and have a look around your site, hopefully that brought more readers to your site

How about some more "Beauty from Around the World" pic's?

Pelalusa said...


As I explained to Kate the other day, I have no particular ambitions with my blog other than as a place to vent my frustrations with the MSM and the Radical Left. Plus, I do like publishing my photos & videos here.

As for the photos, the 5th and last ones are now different. In case you're not aware, the 5th is Alana de la Garza from Law & Order and the last is the Indian beauty, Aishwarya Rai.

nachtwache said...

I always enjoy reading your posts or watching videos you put up, because I feel the same way as you do about so many things and it's nice to read some sensible thoughts instead of getting frustrated by stupidity. You also add humour in between the serious stuff and not to forget your appreciation of life's pleasures, good food and beauty all around; photos from your trips and at home.