Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Toronto Globe & Mail on the Destroy Harper War Path

The latest actions of Canada's corrupt MSM comes from the [Toronto] Globe & Mail. They suggest by a reverse negative that Prime Minister Stephen Harper go on a "Contrition Tour". This is much the way a neurotic girlfriend would respond to, "Is everyone okay, honey?" : "Everything's FINE. Fine, Fine, Fine!" And then later to her girlfriends, "He was so stupid not to realize what he had done wrong!"

There's one very telling section:

Worse is that Mr. Harper continues to actively misrepresent the events of the past several weeks and the motives of his opponents. "We only found out [after the economic update] that they've been planning to overturn the results of the election ever since election night," he said. In fact, there is nothing to suggest that the opposition had any prior intention of toppling the government, and the disarray the Liberals quickly fell into suggests the prospect surprised them as much as anyone.

Nor would the opposition have been "overturning the results of the election," as Mr. Harper repeatedly alleged. Although a coalition government may be politically untenable, it would be entirely within the boundaries of parliamentary democracy - not a coup attempt, as the Conservatives continually claim.

What complete morons do they think we are? Does the Globe & Mail view Canadians as dementia patients who can't remember anything from just a few minutes ago?
  1. It was just 2.5 weeks ago that Jack Layton revealed the opposition had EVERY INTENTION of toppling the government at the earliest opportunity. There is no absolute proof [yet] that Stephane Dion and the Liberals had prior knowledge of the NDP and Bloc's plan but the Coalition Accord came together extremely quickly to discount this as a real possibility.

  2. No one disputes that the Coalition had the constitutional right to overthrow a newly elected government. But most Canadians adamantly believe that they had ZERO DEMOCRATIC RIGHT to do so. I wrote at length about this here. Ted McWhinney, a constitutional scholar, absolutely concurs. And Charles Adler explains the nefarious connection between many in academia and their pals in the MSM.
It has become very clear that Liberal and NDP elites, such as those who have infested newspapers like the Globe & Mail, don't give a damn about democracy. It's just too messy for them to let stupid Canadians actually make up their own minds. So they will do and say anything to insert their guy, Michael Ignatieff, into the PM job asap.

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