Saturday, December 20, 2008

Michael Ignatieff vs. "ET"

Michael Ignatieff has just written an editorial, published by the National Post.

A regular commenter on SDA, who goes by the nickname of "ET", wrote a rebuttal:

There's an essay by Ignatieff in the National Post today. Quite incredible. It outlines clearly his view of himself, Canada, the world. It's not a constructive but a disturbing presentation.

He is moving into the traditional Liberal reductionist strategy of 'let's all feel good, get along together and love each other'. By this I mean that the Liberal strategy has been to minimize and isolate dissent, questions, debate, analysis. Instead of this hard rational interaction which involves us all in the future of our country, the Liberal strategy has been to reject dissent and debate, and therefore the exercise of reason..and move us into living only on the emotional level. And only one emotion - that of acceptance of anything. No questions. No dissent.

Notice how when we have questioned the role of the Bloc in the Coalition, we have been chastized for 'bashing Quebec' rather than criticizing the role of an isolate regional party in decision-making.

Then, Ignatieff moves into the second part of this mantra is the off-repeated nonsense that 'Canada is the best in the world, and the most tolerant and the most...etc". Again, such reductionist claims rejects our right to self-examine ourselves, to question ourselves, to dissent, debate and participate in our future.

Since we are 'the best', and we are 'tolerant', this means that we are NOT ALLOWED TO DOUBT. Such a repression of doubt is actually a key strategy of all Sovereignist Rule.

The Liberal rhetoric doesn't deal with reality. It operates only within the realm of fiction, a fictional account of ourselves and others created by our Sovereign, by our Ruling Party, to calm and soothe us into submission to its rules.

This declared tolerance ignores reality, it rejects the reality that Canada rejects freedom of speech.

The reality that Canada has set up a balkanized immigration framework - one which the Conservatives are working to undo - is ignored. The Liberals set up immigrants into isolate groups, told them to 'stay as you were in the old country', discouraged integration, discouraged collaboration, and thus kept them economically isolated.. and funded them for this narrowness of perspective. In return for their votes. The Conservatives are working to encourage integration, collaboration across cultures, shared future agendas.

Bilingualism set up a framework of power, which, because it is fiction rather than reality, moved this governmental power into the bubble isolation of cabals in Montreal-Ottawa.

Ignatieff's rhetoric promotes what he calls a 'stable government' over differences - and tell us that all that is needed to manage 'all problems' is a stable government. What the heck does that mean? Dictatorships provide stable government; that's their basic nature.

Notice that Ignatieff is betraying that his ideology fits right in with the Old Liberal Modus Operandi - that of the Sovereign Ruler, he who rules over the multitude and masses by divine right, he who makes the decisions for them and rejects their right to 'doubt', to question, to do anything other than 'accept'. Power to the Ruler rather than Power of, by, for, the People.

Then, Ignatieff says of Canada, that: "Our vocation in the world is to help other countries deepen and develop their citizenship as we have deepened and developed our own."

Incredible, the pompous vanity, the arrogant self-congratulatory assertion of supremacy and the idea that such perfection, superior as it is to that of other peoples, means that we must Guide and Rule and Teach the less-perfect in the world. All this arrogance - in one sentence.

So, it's clear that Ignatieff is setting himself up as a Sovereign. Many Canadians feel comfortable with this infrastructure - that reliance on government rather than the self. This has been the ideology since colonization. But I maintain that the new Canada isn't as simple and passive as the Old Canada and won't support being moved back into the realm of the hapless ruled.

Posted by: ET at December 20, 2008 11:37 AM

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nachtwache said...

You might want to read a bit of his history. He doesn't sound like a well grounded individual.