Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What is the Average IQ of the Economic Stimulus Proponents?

For months I've been hearing from countless talking heads that "a massive economic stimulus package is needed in order to save the economy". The fear generated amongst average folk by such talk has necessarily been huge. So I think that most people thought it a good idea for assorted governments to inject (read "spend") endless billions of dollars.

Not me.

It simply has never made any sense to the grey matter between my two ears why one would give money to companies that have clearly made bad mistakes and/or were badly managed from the get go. But spend they did, especially in the United States. And what has it done? Pretty much nothing!

I learned today that of the $50 Billion given to Citibank, already $10 Billion of that has been given to shareholders and executives. Now some of the talking heads are saying, "We should have had more oversight." Huh?!? You give $50,000,000,000.00 to someone and don't place any real controls on how it'll be spent?!?

This is beyond nuts. And yet another reason, my friends, as to why I'm mostly a Libertarian. After all, what will it take for the majority of people to understand that the people in the government will never care nearly as much about spending your money as you will?!

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