Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Corporate Welfare Wish-List Grows Longer

"The forest industry wants the federal government to maintain $300 million in existing programs, add a new program worth $300 million over five years and speed up tax breaks to create "world-class business conditions," says Avrim Lazar, president of the Forest Products Association of Canada."

That's how this story opened. While I will never argue with tax reductions, they should be across the board and not for specific industries.

Economists will endlessly argue about the correct amount of personal welfare, but IMHO any corporate welfare is wrong, wrong, wrong. But now that it looks like billions will be given to the Big 3 Automakers, it's not unexpected that everyone else (and their dogs too!) will be putting out their hands as well.

May I share with you that one of my dreams for Canada is a flat tax for individuals and companies with NO exceptions. There are too many vested interested for it to ever happen but I'm absolutely convinced it is what should be done.

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