Friday, December 19, 2008

Is The Radical Left Now Killing People?

A tragic story has emerged out of Vancouver, where a homeless woman who refused to go into a shelter accidentally burned herself to death, undoubtedly trying to stay warm.

This afternoon, David Eby, executive director of the BC Civil Liberties Association and a founder of the Pivot Legal Society, appeared with Sean Leslie on CKNW. You can listen to the interview here (at 36:45). In my opinion he showed little concern for this woman dying and instead just used her death as an excuse to further his political agenda.

One caller severely chastised him for taking both sides on this issue, namely:

  1. He has long criticized the police and other public officials for forcibly detaining those who they felt were a danger to themselves or others.

  2. Within hours of the woman's death he was blaming the authorities for this woman's death. Read the news story and decide whether the authorities are at fault.
Mr. Eby can't have it both ways. Why would it have been so difficult for him to come out and say, "I have to admit that we were wrong in this case. Under such extreme weather conditions, the authorities should have the right to forcibly house people if they feel there's a reasonable chance that harm will come to them."

But thinking outside of the self-administered ideological blinders is not possible with members of the Radical Left like Mr. Eby, is it? Now a woman is dead and he hasn't changed his views one little bit. I don't know whether to feel more saddened or more sickened by him & his ilk. I don't know about you, but if I ever see him walking down the street, I'll definitely change over to the other side.


DuWayne Brayton said...

This is just horrifying. In Lansing, MI, where I used to live, it's not the law, but the cops will make up reasons to arrest homeless people they find, who aren't in a shelter. Invariably they have folks from various shelters at the jail every morning to make sure that folks get somewhere they can sleep.

Remarkably, there was an op-ed decrying this practice, several years ago now. It was by the same asshole who wrote an op-ed complaining about one of the few decent pieces the Lansing State Journal ever published - a three day serial about the desperate need for both foster and adoptive parents in MI. He didn't see why they wasted all that print on something he could care less about.

He was a lawyer and was probably astonished when the firm he was with asked him to resign.

Pelalusa said...

Thank you for your comment, DuWayne. I don't know about that lawyer but in the case of others, I have little doubt that they mean well. But when their words & efforts become policies and laws and then people get hurt or killed because of them, surely they MUST take some responsibility?!

David in North Burnaby BC said...

Its time to reinstate the vagrancy laws, sleeping in the streets and parks should not be an option.
Proper care of the mentally ill will deal with roughly half the homeless, then we need detox, residential rehab with 12 step etc.
What we don't need is the Pivots and their ilk, whose industry grows with homelessness, standing in the way waving their hands and babbling self-serving sophistry.

Thunderstick said...

A lefty admit they are wrong, especially here in vancouver...
When pigs fly!

nachtwache said...

It just makes you sick! Yes, force people into a safe place, for their own good in these cases. I second David.