Monday, December 22, 2008

There's No Such Thing as Too Much Hypocrisy for Elizabeth May

The Green Party's Lizzie May has decided to give us all an early Christmas present. You've got to read this.

May's piece should be a must read for all Canadian voters as well as every psychologist on the planet!

I have two questions:

  1. If a Radical Leftist accuses someone of being "biased", what precisely does that translate into in English? Perhaps "center of the road & sane"?

  2. How rich is the irony that Queen Lizzie May is criticizing the appointment of Mike Duffy when she, who has done NOTHING positive for this country, but was entirely ready to accept a Senate seat from Monsieur Dion and the Video Professor merely for mouthing a few words of support for them? Vancouver's despicable ex-mayor, Larry Campbell, pulled such a trick for Paul Martin and look what it got him.
January's going to be fun, watching Lizzie May and countless Liberal MPs mouthing off about the senate seats. I truly wish a reporter would ask one of them, "How precisely do you keep your hypocrisy from staining your clothes when you utter so much 'dirty' hot air from your front orifice?"

Hat tip: Alberta Girl


Jesse Ferreras said...

There's idiocy on both sides here. Mike Duffy was guilty of some really bad journalism during the campaign - precisely the instances that Elizabeth May is citing. Very biased and rude introduction.

Where May goes off the wall is in saying that most of the country's big media is toeing the Harper line, reporting cracks in the coalition too much. It's folly to think the entire country's journalists are a gang of drone-like Harperoids devoted to blasting the opposition and keeping the man in charge.

Overall what Elizabeth May is saying here is ludicrous. I'd call it more ludicrous if I was sure she was going to be appointed to the Senate, but I'm not certain that's the case. Why, you might ask? I haven't checked the facts on that.

shippedout said...

Robert please have a look under your "About Moi" profile.

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Pelalusa said...

Glen/n, that ad is for "Pink Cupid". I don't recall putting either of those words in any posting but who knows.