Saturday, December 20, 2008

18th Child

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar just had their 18th child.

The Duggar family hail from Arkansas and even have their own show on the TLC Network.

My friend, Mike, who sent me this story, seems pretty shocked by it. But you know how carbon credits are all the rage nowadays? You fly somewhere and pay someone to plant a few trees to compensate for your use of carbon on the flight? Well, in my mind Mr. Duggar has a de facto "child credit" arrangement with me & Mike. Both of us have zero kids, Mr. Duggar has 18, so collectively we each only have six. And I don't know about Mike, but I'm not even asking for a cent.

It was a lot of work, but somebody had to do it. No need to thank me. :-)

P.S. Hey Mom, you now have six grandchildren! Oh by the way, can you look after them next Saturday evening? I have a hot date.


md said...

My 6 are smarter than your 6.

nachtwache said...

Wow, hats of to them, specially the mom! Brave woman. I packed it in after two. Of course, had I married someone who wanted more kids, I might have had more; but I can tell you, labour and giving birth is not done for fun.