Monday, December 22, 2008

Why Official Multiculturalism Must End

I started writing a comment for this blog posting but then realized that I had more than a little to say. Here are my thoughts:

I don't have a problem with any particular group of people immigrating to any country in The West. What I do have a MAJOR problem with is the politically correct, multicultural, wishy-washy immigration agenda of the Radical Left.

As writers like Mark Steyn have frequently noted, "official multicultural policy" does not mean that we'll have a variety of diverse & interesting restaurants. No, the Official Multicultural Policies of The West assert that all cultures are equal and that no particular culture is any better or worse than another.

As often occurs with the policies dreamed up by the Radical Left, the longterm repercussions are not thought through. As a result, countries throughout the West now have large ghettos in their urban areas - some rich, most poor - of people predominately from one country and often of the same religion.

The language & signs throughout these ghettos is never of the host country. Any attempt to change this generates cries of racism, with often the loudest voices coming from the mainstream liberal media. The immigrant adults in these ghettos often never learn the language of the host country very well or at all. What incentive or purpose is there for them to do so? Most everything around them resembles the country where they came from. They can take their driving test in pretty much any language they wish. Every government agency guarantees them all interactions in their native language; the host country's language(s) are unimportant.

The young children of immigrants do mostly learn to converse in the host country's language(s). Though they often struggle in school in their early years. Since their parents can't read the schoolbooks, there is no support for them at home. Their teachers, while trying their best, struggle to teach the core material while propping up each immigrant student's basic communication skills. The core material always suffers, as does the entire education of their classmates whose parents are natives. Any attempts to change this dysfunctional system is met with cries of racism, with the loudest voices coming from Radical Left academic "experts".

As these kids get older they tend to hang out almost exclusively with others from their own cultural community. After their basic schooling it "suddenly" becomes apparent to them and to those aforementioned "experts" that:

  • They have little understanding of the mainstream of the society in which hold a passport.
  • They sometimes have very twisted views of their country's history and accomplishments.
  • They have often have little to no loyalty of the country in which they're a citizen.
  • If their academic skills are poor then they have no hope of getting a higher education.
  • Mainstream employers, given a choice between hiring positive, well spoken native speakers and culturally dysfunctional applicants opt for the logical choice.
And what then happens? Frustration. Anger. Violence. Riots. Terrorism.

It is all so preventable: Replace multiculturalism with a strict melting pot strategy and insist that every young person take pride in the country in which they grow up - each & every day. Lo and behold, divisiveness will be replaced with cohesiveness. But the Radical Leftists who have infested government, academia, and the media will fight such a progressive change every step of the way.


Anonymous said...

Agree 100%. Well stated without being inflammatory.

Multiculti must go.

The failures of multiculti foolishness are painfully evident in England and most of Europe.

We are not nearly as far gone as they are, and we have many successful immigrants here who are a role model for what we should be striving to achieve, whereas in Europe and England there are areas that are beyond hope.

Can't Canada learn from their mistakes before it's too late.

Pelalusa said...

Thanks. All I can do is speak from my heart.

When it comes to multiple cultures (quite different from multiculturalism) I happen to have a lot of advantages of insight over others.

My Dad was an immigrant, from Germany. My Mom's family came to Saskatchewan from Poland / Ukraine a few generations ago, via Minnesota.

Most of my friends in Vancouver are not Caucasian. Some were born in Canada, some not. Their parents came from China, Malaysia, India, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Japan, the Philippines, & many other places.

As a personal choice I listen to BBC London Radio most every day. Most educational. It provides a direct observation post into the Zeitgeist of the UK. One thing that remains consistent is that self-identified Muslim and African callers have nothing but disdain and often hatred for Britain. Some of these folks were even born & raised there but they still have the same feelings of antipathy toward their nation. If that isn't a stinging indictment of multiculturalism, such as I've outlined, then I don't know what is.

nachtwache said...

Well said and so true!