Monday, December 15, 2008

Roman Catholics 2.0?

After hearing a story on BBC Radio 4 about Uma Thurman's soon to be 3rd husband, Arpad Busson, I decided to learn more about him on Wikipedia. Interesting fellow. He has previously had two sons with Australian model, Elle Macpherson. There was one line that gave me a cynical smile though:

According to Macpherson, Busson is so devout a Catholic he decided he couldn't marry a divorcée, despite having two children with her out of wedlock and despite Macpherson herself being Catholic.

Excuse me?! He's "so devout a Catholic" but had two children with her out of wedlock?! I guess the ultra-rich can set their own rules of "devoutness". Something tells me that Catholic Church may have a somewhat different opinion though!


RedShoesBigTiara said...

Actually, the Catholic church frowns on the first divorce. Not getting married is less 'sinful' than getting remarried. "Devout" *note: old school believers* Catholics believe that once you are married, it lasts forever . . . so in essence, a second marriage is polygamy.

Thank goodness you can recover from being Catholic. Protestantism is much nicer . . .

Pelalusa said...

You heathen, you! :-)

I hope that no one assumed that I was passing moral judgment on Monsieur Busson. I just couldn't stop laughing at any assertion that he is a "devout Catholic".