Monday, December 22, 2008

Zellers = Stupidity Plus

Apparently Zellers, owned by the Hudson's Bay Company, has imposed a ban on "Christmas". So I've decided to place a personal ban on both stores. Click on the link to go to the actual web page.

Update: Here's the response I just received from Zellers:

Thank you for your e-mail and taking the time to contact us. Just to
clarify, Holiday tree is a brand name for our Christmas trees. If you
read this week's flyer, we clearly emphasize Christmas as ?A special
time for making lasting memories while celebrating the birth of Jesus
Christ.? Merry Christmas!

HBC Customer Service

Update #2: David Menzies shares his thoughts


Anonymous said...

I too hate political correctness but Holiday Joy is a brand name. Holiday Joy sells all kinds of things. Christmas trees, Christmas ornaments, Christmas decorations, etc...

Boycotting Zellers for this would be like boycotting them for advertising "Kleenex" instead of "tissues".

Pelalusa said...

Interesting point. But click on the image and go to their site. Nowhere is Christmas being mentioned. Yet everything shown are "Christmas Decorations". You wouldn't be using these items on July 1st!

Felix said...

I am so offended by this. The fact that in the work place we cannot say Merry Christmas anymore and yet at Zellers they no longer post anything saying christmas although they have a welcoming sign saying Eid-Ul-Fitr.
Which is the muslim Holiday. Last i checked we are in CANADA and the majority celebrate CHRISTMAS. If we arent allowed to Say Merry Christmas because it offends them why should Zellers have any right to wish them a festive holiday?

I am an athiest i have no religion but christmas is a time of year where insted of thinking about the weather or worrying about anything, we actually have a day where our families get together and are nearly stress free. Fact is, if your going to advertise your your muslim customers have the F**king decency to include the people who celebrate Christmas and Haunikah (forgive the spelling). Thank you and MERRY CHRISTMAS. HAPPY HAUNIKAH! AND REMEBER WERE IN CANADA NOT IRAQ.