Sunday, December 28, 2008

Letter Sent to a BC Journalist

I sent this to a BC journalist today. S/he'll remain nameless but the points throughout have a broader meaning.

You know, and I truly say this with the greatest respect, it absolutely boggles my mind how those of you INSIDE the media bubble seem oblivious to the frequent charge that there's way too much Left leaning bias inside the media. The Obama adoration journalism you cited is but one little example of what I see & hear every single day.

In point of fact, with the exception of the taxpayer funded CBC, it actually doesn't bother me what a journalist's political bias is UNLESS they're unwilling to be UP FRONT about it. Most are not. So we end up with all of the following playing a game of "Pretend": Peter Newman, Craig Oliver, Jane Taber, Barbara Yaffe, and many more. The VERY WORST of these is BC's own Christy Clark. You're kidding yourself if you think these people aren't frequently talked about and despised by any news junkies who haven't drank the Liberal or NDP Kool Aid.

Just so you know, when it comes to conservative vs. liberal bias, I've frequently challenged my American Democrat friends to identify particular issues for which I am a far right conservative. About the only two I can think of off-hand are:

Other than that, I'm think I'm fairly liberal on: Abortion, Gay Rights, Helping the Poor, etc.

You mentioned that you're a big fan of Obama. Even after the Blagojevich scandal? That has shaken to the core the faith of my Democrat friends in Chicago. They're still supporters but are less optimistic of the Greatness of the One. Hey, I hope great things happen for America under Obama as it'll be good for Canada. But it seems to me that the fiscal policies of Michigan and California have been examples of what Obamanomics will be like (Note: Schwarzenegger is a Democrat in all but name). And bailing out the Big 3 automakers will be a disaster IMHO. Bad for Bush, bad for Obama, and bad for the rest of us.

Anyhow, it'll be an interesting 4 years, starting with 2009.

Hoping only good things happen for you & your family,


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