Sunday, December 21, 2008

Liberal Media Squirming

This video is absolutely priceless! Kudos to Joe Scarborough for asking some simple, but very important questions. The liberal media in America is now having to admit that they badly failed the American public by failing to properly ask questions of the Obama campaign.
More analysis here.


nachtwache said...

Wow, excellent!

John said...

Fantastic indictment of US media.
It's no different here. Watching CTV Question Period today Craig Oliver pined to Don Drummond about Harper playing flip flop politics on a 30 Billion dollar deficit to come. What are we to believe when we don't have trustworthy experts available he continued. Hello Earth to Craig. MY names Don Drummond, I'm right here, your guest. Look up Waaay up. Talk to me I'm here. You say it's political not economics Craig. Whatever, but do you have a question that's actually about the economic crisis Craig or do you just want more Liberals on a talking points panel? As usual in Canada...I didn't think so. Obviously Craig would prefer to get Iggy wit it when it comes to seeking answers. Giggles and Woodpecker part of the gold standard of Canadian journalism jingoistic and watch.