Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Israel vs. Iran's Proxy Warrior, Hamas

Whenever things heat up in the never-ending battle between Israel and the Palestinians, the response of the Usual Suspects is so incredibly predictable. The UN, the Radical Left, Palestinian expats, and the MSM (Mainstream Media) all do their usual spin, almost as if they're actors returning to a stage play that they've performed a dozen times before.

The talking points are well rehearsed, though make no more sense today than when they were repeated last time. Here's a sampling:

  • Israel is the aggressor
  • Israel is to blame
  • It's fighter jets vs. little kids throwing rocks
The most galling of all is that "Israel should only use a Proportional Response". Really? I mean seriously, REALLY?!?

Do any of these people stop for a second to realize what would have happened in World War 2 if the Allied Forces had stuck to a "proportional response"? Here are a few end effects of what a proportional response back then would mean today:
  1. The war would almost certainly still be going on.
  2. All of Western Europe would be controlled by Nazi Germany.
  3. All of Asia would be controlled by Imperialist Japan.
  4. Hundreds of millions more people would be dead.
  5. All Jews in Europe would long ago have been exterminated.
  6. So would all homosexuals in Europe have been executed.
  7. So would all "progressives", who dared to speak out, been executed.
  8. Many young non-Japanese women in Asia would be forced into prostitution.
There are three simple questions I have for those who condemn Israel in such matters:
  1. Do you truly and honestly think the current Palestinian leadership wants peace with Israel?
  2. Do you believe that Israel has the right to exist?
  3. If missiles were being sent into your neighborhood from a nearby independent Indian Reserve, would you just sit back and say, "That's alright" ?

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