Thursday, December 18, 2008

Knut vs. Frank Albrecht

Dennis Miller's reference to Knut the Polar Bear got me curious. I vaguely remember this bear so I read up more about him. He was born on December 5, 2006 to a Canadian mother and German father. He was soon rejected by his mother so the zookeepers there raised him.

An international controversy erupted when a Radical Leftist and Animal Rights Activist (I realize those terms are redundant!) named Frank Albrecht stated that the cub should be killed rather than raised by humans.

Responses to Albrecht's comment were interesting. Here's one example and here's another. Here are some interesting quotes:

I think we should kill douchebag animals rights activists. Why are so many people who claim to care for animals such utterly miserable, horrible human beings? You know, the Nazis outlawed animal vivsection. I'm just sayin'. And no, I don't think they "have a point". IT'S A FUCKING BEAR. His handler already has several hefty bruises; once he's put into the habitat with other polar bears, I have no doubt that he'll butch up.

Some asshole Kraut says a zoo was wrong to save this abandoned polar bear. Wow, dude, ruthless. I'm not a biologist, and I may not not be a registered sex offender, but I would like to offer a counter argument: LOOK AT THAT FUCKING BEAR! Jesus Christ, the thing might as well be wearing a mini tuxedo and baking muffins.

Their words, not mine, but I do confess that they made me smile. This is yet another example of how members of the Radical Left wouldn't understand the world "pragmatic" if it bit them in the ass. For them, it's all about their narrow minded ideology, which trumps all other concerns. That's why when I meet someone who emphasizes a little too strongly how open-minded they are or how much they love animals or what a "humanist" they are or that they "will do anything to save the environment", I am extremely cautious until I get to know them better. Unfortunately in the past I haven't been cautious enough!

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