Monday, December 08, 2008

Kudos to "Enrico"

In the off chance that a CKNW listener named Enrico reads this, I want to profusely thank him for saying to Christy Clark what a LOT of us have felt like saying for years.

Paraphrasing, he told her that he was pleased that democracy in Canada works and that the Coalition was stopped dead in its tracks. Then he added, "at least I have the courage to admit my bias, unlike you Christy". This must have thrown her completely by surprise because she seemed absolutely flabbergasted that someone would "dare" say this to her.

But she reinvented history, pretending that she wasn't an adamant cheerleader for the Coalition last week. How telling is it that she's now seen the light only after they've proven a flop with people who actually care about democracy. Then she had the gall to tell Enrico to be more "honest". Pot. Kettle. Black ... a thousand times over!!!



Anonymous said...

There are a few exceptions but is there some unspoken rule in Canada that a pundit does not have to mention their potential bias if they've previously been an elected politician or simply been married to one. Clark-Marisen-Dion should have been somewhat easy for her but that's Christy for you. Does the fact that the Liberal Party is so thoroughly represented in Canada's media, render bias an unnecessary consideration.
And yes I would heartily agree with bringing David Berner back on the airwaves. Refreshing, mostly fearless and always insightful.

Pelalusa said...

John, there's never been any unspoken rule in my book! Everybody I've spoken with who has ever listened to Ms. Clark is equally annoyed by how she pretends to be without bias and yet has an EXTREME bias towards the Liberal Party and coincidentally towards the clients of Burrard Communications. Having opinions is great but just admit when & where there's a bias.

As for David Berner, I often don't agree with his political viewpoint but I deeply respect him.

P.S. Did you notice how Bill Good did an absolute about face today compared to his pro-Coalition views last week?!? It was an amazing transformation!