Thursday, October 09, 2008

A Question All Americans Should Be Asking

John Kass works for the Chicago Tribune newspaper and has been writing about politics there for the past 15 years. In a recent column he referred to Chicago as "the most politically corrupt city in America".

Barack Obama aspired to his current situation as presidential candidate through his political connections in Chicago.

Bill Ayers is a domestic terrorist who has never apologized for the bombings he carried out in the 1960's, supposedly to protest the Vietnam War. Lots of people protested the Vietnam War. Ayers and his comrades in the "Weather Underground" set off bombs which killed people. He was born & raised and still lives in the Chicagoland area.

The paths of Barack Obama and Bill Ayers appear to have crossed several times. One of the most prominent of these times involved the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, which ran between 1995 - 2001. This was a $98.2 Million project spearheaded by Ayers and two others.

A group of five decided that Obama would be the Chairman on the Board of Directors of the organization that oversaw this project. Bill Ayers was one of these five.

Obama had no previous experience running a company. He had no previous experience dealing with a budget remotely close to one hundred million dollars. So an important question has to be asked: What is it about 34 year old Barack Obama that Bill Ayers found so compelling to put in charge of a hundred million dollar project?

Concerned Americans need to know.

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johnschochet said...

Context: The world is not a simple as Fox News/NRO talking points would have you believe.