Friday, October 24, 2008

What The U.S. Election May Come Down To

I heard an interesting series of discussions on the radio this morning. Through all the fog of political spin, a few things seem to be coming clear:

  1. The two campaigns are a lot closer than the Obama landslide polls indicate.
  2. More than a few people being polled are deliberately lying.
  3. The general mood amongst the Left seems to be that an Obama presidency and a majority in the House of Representatives and Senate is the best thing for America. Hey, they hate Bush and Palin and to a certain extent, McCain, so there's little doubt that a massive wipe-out of the Republican Party this election cycle would give them all more than a few tingles up their legs.
Should this absolute victory for the Democrats occur, the Left seems to ardently believe that:
  • America will for a long time be viewed as a kinder, gentler, smarter country.
  • Barack Obama will solve many of the problems facing the world today, both internationally and domestically.
  • Previously hostile nations like Iran, North Korea, Venezuela and others will now patch up all their differences with America - an international kumbaya, if you will.
It's a nice thought and nobody wishes for this more than me but it seems quite far-fetched.

These days I'm reading Postwar: A History of Europe Since 1945, by Tony Judt. I'm at a section right now where, in great detail, he focuses in on how Joseph Stalin, the dictator of the USSR systematically exploited weaknesses of all of his neighbors and took them over, one by one. In most cases, any individuals who spoke out against this were summarily imprisoned or shot.

One of the few countries he was scared to go after was Yugolslavia. Why? Because it had an equally ruthless leader name Josip Broz Tito. Though the two dictators were linked idealogically, they both wanted power for themselves. In the end, nothing else mattered than control.

Great lessons before, during, and after World War 2 have applicability today but those on the Left seem to think that we've evolved beyond needing to pay attention to such historical events. If they're right, wunderbar. If they're wrong, God help us.

I'm convinced what this election will come down to is how many Americans will enter the voting booth believing that Obama is the path to a new age for America (and the world) vs. how many will enter believing that mankind will always be consumed with hatred, jealousy, and fear.

Corollary: Should the Democrats get the supermajority they're seeking, who do you feel Barack Obama's greatest nemeses will be and why?

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nachtwache said...

I agree, any sane person would like to see peace, but equally sane people realize that we still have many selfish, greedy, ruthless and power hungry people as there have always been. Humans are flawed and history has not shown any improvement in human nature, just in knowledge and inventions. Actually, even some inventions can't be called an improvement.
Many things that have been discovered as beneficial to mankind also can be used for evil.
About your question, I'm not sure, but it's thought provoking.