Thursday, October 23, 2008

Has an Obamanation Race War Begun?

I'm going to wait for awhile to see how this story unfolds but it is very disturbing to say the least. More here and here.

Incidentally, should this story prove to be precisely as the victim described it, the Obama press corps should be called off of Joe the Plumber and descend upon Sandra Bernhard, asking her if she now better understands the consequences of advocating violence against women.

Update: It appears that the story is false. You can read more about it here. Michelle Malkin's suspicions were right all along.

I'm glad that I took the cautious approach I did. My question for Sarah Bernhard still stands though.

Update: It appears that Ashley Todd will be charged for making a false crime report, though her past history of mental illness may prompt authorities to submit her to a psychiatric evaluation. If she is able to stand trial then she should be charged.


johnschochet said...

The question in the title of your post still stands: Has an Obamanation Race War Begun? Possibly, but it appears this "race war" involves white a McCain supporter falsely accusing African-Americans of anti-McCain violence, presumably to scare white swing voters away from Obama.

Pelalusa said...

John, as per usual this election cycle, you choose to be disingenuous with your words.

More precisely, you should have said that a single white McCain supporter falsely accused a single African-American of anti-McCain violence.

You also failed to mentioned that the "Kill Him" words supposedly spoken at a Palin rally was complete fiction, perpetrated by a reporter to generate anti-McCain feelings.

You have also stood by Sandra Bernhard's comments that should Palin enter NYC that she would be gang-raped by black men.

Or did I miss your public condemnation of these recent stories?

md said...

This particular case reminds me of the Tawana Brawley incident, just a sad affair. I hope this woman is charged yet at the same time gets help for her obvious issues.

I am not afraid of a race war, but I am afraid of class warfare. That is what the left is trying to stir up. It's not about hating whitey anymore, it's about hating those who have, even when the "having" is the result of being rewarded for their efforts. The elite left, who fail to realize they are also going to be the targets of this class warfare, are so sadly deluded about what an Obama administration means.