Thursday, October 23, 2008

One Election Down, Next Election Soon Up

3 ridings in B.C. will be having a by election on October 29th. Mine is one of them.
Here are the candidates:

MacDiarmid, Margaret BC Liberal Party
McGinn, Jenn New Democratic Party of B.C.
Hanni, Wilf BC Conservative Party
Emery, Jodie BC Marijuana Party
Sterk, Jane Green Party of BC

I saw Mrs. Emery handing out pamphlets the other day. An attractive woman to be sure. She's the child bride of well known drug addict, Marc Emery. Sorry, but I don't vote for drug addicts or those who encourage the lifestyle.

Ms. Sterk is the new leader of the Green Party. She doesn't live in this riding or anywhere nearby. She has absolutely NO BUSINESS running here. In fact, on Sean Leslie's show on CKNW on the weekend she said that she's only here to drum up more attention for herself.

I've never voted for a party who, if they were a person, would never get a passing grade in Economics 101 so I won't be voting for the NDP.

Part of me wants to send a message to Gordon Campbell to stop being so aloof and be more interested in the day to day concerns of British Columbians but I fear that such strategic voting, if done en masse, will give Carole James powerful talking points. I don't wish to destroy my province for another decade under her rule so I'm somewhat begrudingly forced into voting Liberal.


nachtwache said...

You've got an Emery? THE Emery? Nah, relative?

Pelalusa said...

As a friend in fly-over country (Texas) would say, "The Official Emery Spousal Unit".

David in North Burnaby BC said...

"She's the child bride of well known drug addict, Marc Emery."

Hahahahaha ... oh very good. But you know Robert, they do have their fans it seems.
There was that loving documentary on the idiot box about them maybe a year or so ago (you must have seen it, Emery goes about naked in the house for much of it (thanks for that, man, we were all curious. Right)).
Was it Newsworld that did that one? I believe it was our tax dollars at work.