Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Obama's Big Vote Buy

Amy Alkon just published a biting article, asking why so many Americans are so eager to give Barack Obama much more of their money.

Here's the comment I left:

Much like a parent doesn't want their child to learn about touching a stove by actually getting burned, those of us outside the U.S. who have not had our minds numbed by the Socialist Kool-Aid, are hoping against hope that Americans don't embark on Obama's Great Socialist Experiment. But this suggests that you are.

And Michael Medved has a detailed article on why the changes made in an Obamanation will be permanent and devastating.

I have never felt that McCain is the optimal choice but it truly is shocking to me how so many Americans have been brain washed by the socialist rhetoric espoused by Obama and his many protective pals in the MSM.

Let's talk 2 years from now and see if many still feel Obama is the transformative Messiah figure that so many currently espouse him to be.

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