Saturday, October 25, 2008

Promoting Balanced Views and Free Speech in Canada

Over the past 2 months I've listened to a larger variety of talk radio in the U.S. One thing that many down there are convinced of is that Academia (primary school to university) and most of the MSM are completely infested with 95%+ Leftists. Not just Mildly Left or sort of Left, but Extreme Left.

I suspect they are right. Anyone who thinks that this hasn't had an enormous effect on brainwashing countless people over the past 40 years toward the very perverted value system of the Extreme Left is deluding themselves.

It got me thinking about the situation in Canada. Our CBC is on the Extreme Left. CTV and Global are a bit different but mostly seems pro-Liberal Party. All of the newspapers except the National Post seem Mildly Left to Extreme Left.

It's difficult to change private sector institutions other than to stop supporting them. But the CBC *should be* much easier to change because they're paid for by our tax dollars.

Once the U.S. election is over I would love to start a grassroots campaign to write the head of CBC News and see what changes he has effected based on his promise to do so after the Mallick affair. My guess is that to date it has been zero to none. So then the CBC Ombudsman needs to be contacted en masse until the promised change occurs.

This could be connected with a petition to the Conservative Party demanding that such changes to the CBC be made and the Hate Speech Provisions of the HRCs be scrapped. Once they do so, those of us pledging donations to their party will carry forth as promised. Until then, not a cent.

To me this sounds like minimal time & energy from each supporter for maximum gain. Clearly we need a larger, more effective way to dramatically change Canadian public opinion. Put another way, for the first time in at least 40 years Canadians will be presented with a balanced set of views and can then make up their own minds. Much like I've been able to do with some Canadians, albeit one person at a time.

P.S. I wonder if Ezra Levant, Mark Steyn, and Jonathan Kay would be willing to spread the word? Goodness knows that North America will need more balanced views than ever before once the Extreme Leftists in an Obamanation implement the Unfairness Doctrine and likely effect a number of other things to kill free speech that they disagree with.


Toronto real estate agent said...

I believe the number 95% is very pessimistic :) I think there are many right winged people in academic sphere, but they are not so visible (and hearable). Maybe because it's not very "trendy" (it has never been...) to be right winged or libertarian among intellectuals. On the other hand, ideas of Mises, Hayek, Friedman, or let's say even Reagan are still living and circulating. The problem is, that people who profess these ideas are usually not willing to go to TV show or radio and talk loudly about how the capitalism is great...
Take care

Pelalusa said...

Based on my own anecdotal evidence, I suspect that "95%" is in the right ballpark. When it comes to the Canadian MSM, Andrew Coyne has hinted that it's more like 98%!

You've indicated that it's not very "trendy" for an intellectual to be right-wing or libertarian. Really? So if one examines the facts and concludes that the best answer lies in a conservative approach then it's perfectly acceptable to ignore the data and instead promote a liberal approach? Is academia devolved into an abyss where emotion trumps intellect?