Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hatin' Palin

Here's an important article to pass onto all those you know who H-A-T-E Sarah Palin. I know plenty of them and am embarrassed for each & every one of them.

Charles Krauthammer, besides being a gifted writer, feels that these haters are actually experiencing a phenomenon of self-loathing:

What's remarkable about the reaction to Palin is not only the unfavorable. It's the loathing, the absolute hatred that you hear, especially from intellectuals, feminists, sort of east coast, west coast, pointy headed [elites]. ... In Palin's case, I think what adds to it is her decision at her age with four other children to have a down syndrome child. This, too, as Joseph Epstein wrote, in feminist circles if abortion is not about this, what's it about?

And they look at her as sort of a back room — a backwater hick, who, for religious reasons, went ahead and had a child that they would never have.

Underneath it, I think, deep underneath it, I think it's a self-loathing on the part of these feminists, knowing that what she did is virtuous and a generous act that they would have never have undertaken. And her having undertaken it is an affront to them, a silent rebuke.

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nachtwache said...

I do believe you hit the nail on the head! People just hate someone who dares to do what's noble and make them realize they're far from it.