Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Blogging is Cheaper than Therapy

Kate McMillan, the founder of Small Dead Animals, one of the most successful political blogs in Canada, once said that the reason she started blogging was to stop throwing objects at the radio and TV when she heard something extremely stupid or biased (I'm paraphrasing).

Her blog is now so successful that she has guest bloggers as well. One of them just wrote this piece. His opening sentence reads as follows:

Sometimes I get asked why I blog. If anyone else can think of a more productive way to get this stuff off my chest, please let me know. As Sean says, it's cheaper than therapy.

In this particular case, he's commenting on a Paris Hilton like princess named Jessica Leader who is currently wearing a beret that says, "Globe and Mail War Correspondent". You've got to read her latest missive to understand just how absolutely pathetic she is. This is what passes for Canadian journalism these days?

Another blogger has a similar take.

If you'd like to read & see some REAL reporting from Afghanistan then visit the website of Michael Yon.

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nachtwache said...

It is good therapy :)