Sunday, October 26, 2008

Elizabeth Hasselbeck at a Sarah Palin Rally


md said...

2 thoughts.

1) Conservative women are better looking than liberals.

2) Palin is so running for 2012. If McCain wins, he better have someone test the food in case he dines at the Naval Observatory (the VP's official residence). :)

Pelalusa said...

I realize that not everyone agrees with her but people should admire the fact that she refuses to put her values by the door and just parrot her running mate.

Let's be clear about something: If McCain had chosen any of the same old, same old, his campaign would long have been over. The fact that it's not, even with 95% of the MSM in the tank for Obama, shows just how much Palin has energized voters toward her.

Incidentally, anyone who is still in denial about the media being one-sided needs to read this.

nachtwache said...