Sunday, October 19, 2008

Trip Photos: Chicago - Out & About

Ever since my first visit to Chicago in February 1994, it has been my favourite city in the United States. Looking back over the past 14 years I've probably spent at least one year of my life there. I've taken thousands of photos there in times past but this was the first time with my new Canon G9 digital camera. I hope that these photos (and those in 5 subsequent posts) give you a small indication of why I love Chicago so much! Incidentally, to view hundreds of older ones I've posted just click here.

These are two of my favourite ladies: my mom's in the center and my 87 year old friend, Toni, is on the left. We were enjoying a Polish buffet up on Milwaukee Avenue.

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nachtwache said...

Thanks for the virtual trip! I won't need to travel there, I probably get to see more via your photos than if I went there myself. :)