Saturday, October 18, 2008

Trip Photos: Oak Park, Illinois

The day after we arrived in Chicago our friend, Patricia, took us to the village of Oak Park, which is just west of The Windy City. My mom had just finished the book, Loving Frank, about the famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, and was eager to see some examples of his work. Oak Park was the perfect place to start!

Oak Park is a community that takes great pride in its architecture. Walking slowly down each street is a must so as to capture hidden treasures at every glance.

Though there are a number of Frank Lloyd Wright buildings in Oak Park, they're no where near the majority. But beautiful, well restored homes could be found on most every block.

Arriving at his Oak Park home, we booked a tour, which didn't take place until several hours later, and then went exploring the neighborhood further.

Returning back, we learned that we weren't allowed to take photos inside, but here is the front of his home. To learn more about the available tours click here.

Just down the street a bit from his home & studio was a home designed by him. This one well portrays the Prairie Style design that he pioneered. Here are some others.

This is the Unity Temple in Oak Park, also designed by Wright.

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