Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Obama Press Corps are Hard at Work!

Want some more proof that the mainstream media are corrupt and completely in the tank for Barack Obama? Read this. One has to wonder if the daily assignments of reporters are coming directly from the Obama Campaign. Far fetched? Something tells me not.

One of the supposedly random "hockey moms" mentioned in the story is a Wanda Routier of Hewitt, Wisconsin. Not exactly a common name. A curious reporter would wonder if this is the same Wanda Routier who wrote this document. Throughout it the League of Women Voters is frequently mentioned. A quick search reveals this Oct 20, 2008 news release from them which chastises anyone who dares to criticize ACORN. Here's one prominent quote:

“This election is too important for anyone to feel they must stand on the sidelines because harbingers of doom who have a vested interest in attacking our election system continue to barrage voters with daily doses of fear about our electoral process. Intimidation tactics such as those that have been used recently in an effort to discredit the third party voter registration efforts of ACORN have no place in the American political process.”

Really? So the League of Women Voters feels that ACORN is beyond reproach but anyone, including the FBI, who is concerned about ACORN's unethical and allegedly illegal actions are the ones "attacking our election system"?!? A greater example of hypocrisy you will never find.

Joe the Plumber's personal records were made public by the media within 24 hours. Do you think the same will be done of Wanda Routier? One has to ask why she in particular was interviewed for the aforementioned story. How did the reporter(s) get her name? Perhaps from a tip from the Obama Campaign?

2008: The End of Journalistic Integrity

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