Friday, October 17, 2008

2008 - 1933 = 75 Years

1933 was the year that Adolf Hitler achieved absolute power in Germany. Prior to this there was a democracy of sorts, known as the Weimar Republic. But challenged with economic and institutional political problems, it fell prey to a highly charismatic leader who promised the German people positive change.

After several attempts, enough of the voters finally put their doubts aside and gave Hitler the power he had been seeking. It was the worst mistake they ever made.

While doing some research on this subject I came across this post by a fellow Canadian named James Laxer. He's clearly a bright guy and provides a detailed analysis of what occurred back then. I just happen to disagree with his conclusions about how this historical lesson relates to the situation we face today. To that end, I left him this message:

Interesting analysis, James. I came upon your post, about 9 months after you wrote it by searching for: Obama Hitler 75 years ago

In your world view, I sense that you believe that the worst things today are religion, multinational businesses, and conservative governments.

I, on the other hand, view arrogance, ignorance, and intolerance as the necessary key ingredients that lead to a blind overthrow of our long held institutions. Nothing more represents this trio nowadays than the blind followers of Obamanation; not all Democrats, but way too many of them.

For the record, I have never made any comparison between Barack Obama and Adolf Hitler, and am not making one now.

Only time will tell what Obama's true agenda really is. In the meantime, my views of him are a medley between what Bill O'Reilly and Jeremiah Wright have said: He's an opportunistic politician who will say anything and betray anyone to achieve power. In this regard, he's not the first and far from the last. But he definitely is the slickest snake oil salesman (read "politician") in recent memory.

My difficulty, and often disgust, lies with two distinct groups:
  1. MSM "Journalists" who have completely given up all pretenses of being unbiased, professional, and holding ALL politicians to account. Anyone who says that the Fourth Estate is, in fact, doing their jobs is either in deep denial or has been paid off by the Obama Campaign; there is no other plausible explanation.

  2. The ignorant, blind, arrogant followers of Obama, especially the Under 30 crowd who question nothing but have simply replaced the chant of "Kumbaya My Lord" with "Obama: Hope and Change".
Take a look at some videos and be honest with yourself about whether you see some scary similarities:


David in North Burnaby BC said...

"MSM "Journalists" who have completely given up all pretenses of being unbiased, professional, and holding ALL politicians to account."

Glenn Beck's take on that lol

md said...

If Obama really is a unprincipled weasel who will do anything or say anything to get and then stay in power, I would actually prefer this. He might be persuaded that turning to the right is in his best interest and we'll be saved from socialism. If he's a true believer, and I am inclined to think he is, we're screwed.

nachtwache said...

I think he's not too bright, has no firm principles and can be used as a puppet by shady people. He certainly has been associated with undesirable characters and seems to keep making bad choices in whom he associates with. I'm not sure if he's really deceitful or just stupid. His speeches sure sound like he's selling snake oil.