Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Prescient Steyn

The powers at be in Canuckistan have already toyed with the idea of banning Mark Steyn's writing throughout the frozen tundra of North America. Now in an Obamanation some extension of the Unfairness Doctrine may very well attempt the same.

Shut off from all traditional revenue sources I would recommend he borrow Johnny Carson's old Carnac the Magnificent hat and start a new gig as a fortune teller in a traveling circus.

Today, Steyn republished the first article he ever wrote for the National Post on October 29, 1998. To say it predicted the future would be the understatement of this new millennium. Here's one key paragraph:

I’ll bet those B.C. students protesting against Suharto would approve of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission’s ruling that Hizzoner was guilty of discrimination. But the trouble with letting the state restrict free expression in the interests of nice cuddly causes like gay liberation is that you make it a lot easier for them to restrict free expression in the interests of non-nice causes like Suharto. In Canada, we’ve let the state go too far in policing dissent. Our official niceness has led, inexorably, to official intolerance – or to put it in culinary terms: If you cook up something that bland, it’s bound to get covered in pepper.

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